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Bankruptcy Can Offer You A Fresh Start

The intent of Bankruptcy law is to provide those overloaded with debt to obtain a “fresh start.”  Individuals look to Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies to allow them to obtain this fresh start from financial difficulties which are often the result of medical expenses, employment difficulty, and other financial crises.


Federal Bankruptcy Law can be a complex and daunting process.  Danner Legal has extensive experience in representing individuals in all areas of personal bankruptcy and will make the process easy and comfortable as we work through this difficult time together. Schedule a free consultation with Danner Legal today.


Bankruptcy Benefits


Bankruptcy can offer relief from actions taken by creditors including lawsuits for unpaid debts, wage garnishments and bank levies, as well as harassing phone calls or letters.


Non-Dischargeable Debts


Bankruptcy can help to eliminate most debt, however not all forms of debt are eligible for discharge.  Student loans, some tax debt, alimony, and child support arrears are examples of debt that is often not dischargeable. 


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a quick 90 day process and relieves individuals of most debt.  Income and assets need to be analyzed to to determine qualification for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Consult with Danner Legal to determine whether this process is the best route for you.


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is ideal when income or asset values are too high for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or when you are behind on payments for mortgages or auto loans. 


We can help you!


Bankruptcy is a very complicated process.  Having an experienced bankruptcy attorney is vital to protecting your assets and ensuring you recieve a discharge.  Danner Legal provides complete guidance through the bankruptcy process, including a thorough explanation of each step. We want to make your experience as easy and comfortable as possible.


Contact Danner Legal today to schedule a free consultation. Our Bloomington, Minnesota bankruptcy attorney will discuss which chapter of bankruptcy is most appropriate for you, determine which of your debts are dischargeable, and analyze how the bankruptcy will affect your assets – if at all. We look forward to working

with you.